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Understanding the Essentials of Deck Repair and Maintenance

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A well-built and well-maintained deck is a major asset to a home. They elevate a house’s aesthetic appeal and serve as a great place to hang out during the warmer months. Since decks are outdoor structures, they tend to take a beating—i.e., exposure to sunlight, rain, and snow. As they age, their stains fade and their seals erode, which means that they need to be resurfaced and re-stained every few years. When decks are left neglected, they will warp and rot over time. That’s why it’s crucial to know how to maintain these wooden structures and to repair them properly when needed. If you have a deck that needs some substantial work, contact a professional who offers full-service painting and deck repair.

Keep Your Deck Clean
Leaves, twigs, branches, mud, and dust will inevitably cover your deck over its lifetime. So will mold, mildew, and stagnant water. To ensure your deck is in tiptop shape, make an effort to keep it clean, and create a monthly maintenance plan that includes deep cleaning. Sweep up loose debris regularly and remove any pooling water. Scrub off caked-on dirt with an appropriate tool.

Stain and Seal the Wood
Because decks are exposed to the elements, it’s a good idea to protect them. The best way to do this is to stain and seal them with a weatherproofing product, which should be reapplied every two to four years depending on your area’s weather conditions and the amount of direct sun your deck receives. Be sure to choose a durable sealer that can also withstand constant foot traffic.

Hire a Professional
Even with the best of care, your deck may need cleanings or repairs that are beyond your skillset. When in doubt, hire a professional to do the work. Reputable companies offer a range of services that include pressure washing, re-finishing, staining and sealing, deck repair, and painting. Most full-service painting contractors and deck repair companies also offer routine maintenance programs for your convenience.

Since 1978, John Byrne Painting has been keeping our customers happy by providing them with highly experienced professionals who specialize in residential and commercial painting, power washing, and deck repair in Montgomery County, PA. Call us at (484) 801-0105 to set up an appointment and see for yourself why we’re a leader in our industry.

Improving the Curb Appeal of Your Business

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Businesses thrive when they have a strong and plentiful customer base. One way to ensure your business’s success is to have a storefront that is inviting and attractive to the eye, which tends to draw prospective customers inside. Great curb appeal includes dazzling window displays, enticing signage, and an aesthetically pleasing painting job. It also requires a good attention to details. Here are some simple tips to help you increase your store’s curb appeal.

Keep Your Business’s Exterior Clean
No one wants to enter a building that looks rundown and dingy. If a store’s exterior looks neglected or dirty, potential customers may think that’s a reflection of the store’s interior and of the store itself. Be sure to monitor the condition of your storefront regularly. Set up a maintenance routine that involves creating a daily, weekly, and monthly chore list. Also, it’s highly recommended that you schedule a professional cleaning and power washing every so often. That way, you’ll keep your business looking its best for years to come.

Spruce Up Your Façade with Paint
Stores’ facades tend to take quite a beating. Paint on exterior walls and fixtures fades much quicker than paint on interior ones because of its exposure to sunlight and the elements. Exterior walls can also be victims of erosion, damage, and graffiti. The best and most cost-effective way to spruce them up is with a fresh coat of paint. There are several types of professional painters you can choose from: those who are residential or commercial painters, those who focus exclusively on interior painting or exclusively on exterior painting, and those who do it all. When you’re in the market for a painting contractor, remember to hire one who specializes in commercial and exterior painting.

Fix What Needs to Be Fixed
Exterior walls and fixtures may show signs of wear-and-tear or damage once they have been professionally cleaned or prepped for painting—i.e., rusted metal or rotted wood. If you find that to be the case with your project, be sure to repair or replace damaged materials before you continue with any finishing work.

When you’re ready to hire the best professional painters near Montgomery County, PA, contact John Byrne Painting at (484) 801-0105. Along with painting, we offer a wide range of commercial services, which includes power washing and wood resurfacing.

Looking Ahead to Paint Color Trends for 2016

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Due to the popularity of home improvement shows, many homeowners recognize that painting their homes is a great and cost-effective way to revitalize them. Every year, interior designers, professional painters, and design-conscious DIYers wait with bated breath to find out what the following year’s paint color trends will be, which are generally released by the leading paint companies in the industry.

In the paint color forecast for 2016, there is an overall move toward warmer color tones, often with yellow and green undertones present. When used as the primary wall color, these forecasted colors create rooms that are inviting and tranquil—spaces that welcome relaxation, meditation, and self-reflection. These paint tones also allow brightly colored accessories, such as curtains, pottery, and throw pillows, to pop dramatically against their visual warmth.

If you’re in need of a highly qualified painting company in Montgomery County, PA, look no further than John Byrne Painting. We are a full-service painting contractor with more than 35 years of experience. Contact us today at (484) 801-0105 and let us know how we can help you with your painting needs.

Choosing Bold Paint Colors

A popular trend in painting these days is to go with bold colors that make a big design statement. Bold paint colors work great indoors and outside, and can add a tremendous amount of personality to your home or business. In this video from Angie’s List, you’ll discover the benefits of choosing bold paint colors and how to go about selecting the right paint for your residential or commercial painting project.

If you’re repainting your home or business, John Byrne Painting can help you select the best color palette to accentuate your space. We have over 30 years of experience in the painting industry, and our professional painting contractors can recommend bold and beautiful paint colors for your home or business. To schedule a consultation with one of our commercial or residential painting contractors in Montgomery County, PA, call us at (484) 801-0105.

Features to Look for in a Commercial Painting Contractor

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A quality paint job is very important for businesses. In addition to the overall aesthetics of your business, quality paint can also have a big impact on the behaviors and impressions of your customers. When the time comes to repaint the interior or exterior of your business, you’ll need the services of a commercial painting contractor to achieve professional-looking results. But with so many different commercial painting companies in Montgomery County, PA to choose from, how do you know which one to hire? Here are some features to look for that can help narrow down your choice.

Pressure Washing Services
If you’re repainting the outside of your business, the key to a great-looking paint job is removing all of the existing paint before the new paint is applied. Pressure washing is the best way to prep an exterior surface for pain, which is why you should look for a commercial painting contractor that provides pressure washing services in addition to exterior commercial painting.

Free Painting Quotes
Repainting your business can be a sizeable investment, which is why you should call around and get quotes from multiple painting companies in the area. Try to avoid any painting contractors who won’t provide you with a quote upfront. Even though the final cost can differ from the estimate, a quote at least provides a baseline to help you in making a decision.

Flexible Scheduling
You shouldn’t have to shut down your business and incur lost revenue or decreased employee productivity in order to repaint your business. That’s why you should look for a painting contractor that provides flexible scheduling to ensure minimum disruption. John Byrne Painting offers night and evening services to minimize disruptions while completing projects on time.

Since 1978, John Byrne Painting has provided superior commercial painting services for businesses in King of Prussia and the surrounding areas in Pennsylvania. No job is too big or too small for our professional painters. To learn more about our commercial painting services, or to request a quote for your interior or exterior painting project, call us at (484) 801-0105.

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