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Tips for Painting Your Waiting Room

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Your waiting room is the first area that clients encounter when they visit your business. A fresh painting job goes a long way in terms of giving your space an orderly and clean feel. Selecting a paint color appropriate to your decor gives the space a put-together feel. The paint color that you select can also communicate feelings and ideas about your business.

If you are painting a space in a health care office, you may wish to select paint that makes patients feel comfortable and that they have entered a clean and safe space. A classic white shade is great, but you may also wish to add an accent of color to give your waiting room a cheerful feel. If you are painting the waiting room for a law office or a business that operates in finance, you may wish to select a color that clients will associate with trustworthiness and stability.

If you are looking for highly skilled commercial painters in Montgomery County, PA, give John Byrne Painting a call at (484) 801-0105. Our team of commercial painters excels in business painting for any industry.

The Benefits of Professional Power Washing Services

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If you’re dealing with a buildup of dirt or other materials on the exterior surfaces of your business or home, professional power washing can efficiently clean away this debris. Professional power washing involves using a high-pressure stream of hot water combined with a safe chemical agent to power through buildup.

Effectively Removes Dirt and Grime
You will see the results of professional power washing right away. This method of cleaning is superior for business owners looking to give their space a fresh, clean look. Power washing removes all traces of dirt, dust, soot, mold, and other unsightly materials that can accumulate on walls and walking surfaces when they are exposed to the elements. Power washing is more time efficient than other methods of cleaning like scrubbing by hand. It is also more effective because the high-pressure stream removes particles that can be left behind when simply wiping down a surface.

Protects Against Damage
It is recommended that you have your property professionally power washed yearly, in order to protect your exterior surfaces. Exposure to the elements causes damaging substances such as mold and mildew to build up on your building. Over time, if they are not removed with power washing, these substances can lead to rot, rust, and decay of building materials.

Prepares Surfaces for Paint
Power washing is a recommended method for preparing your building for a new coat of paint. To ensure even paint coverage and a smooth finish, it is important that commercial painters apply new paint to a clean, even surface. Power washing effectively prepares the surface of your building to best receive paint. If you are painting a deck or finishing a walking surface, power washing is vital in ensuring that the surface is dirt-free before paint is applied.

John Byrne Painting offers power washing in Montgomery County, PA. We also provide complete painting solutions for your commercial or residential space. From painting preparation to finishes, we will ensure that your project is completed to the highest standards. Call us today at (484) 801-0105 to learn what our team of experts can do for you.

Tips for Your Paint Estimate

When interviewing painting contractors, get at least three quotes for the space you wish to paint. Compare the different contracts to see which painting company offers more services or which has a lower rate.

As this video explains, you should know exactly what is included in each contract you see. Some extra, or included, costs might include: painting materials, amount of paint coats, furniture moving, and set up. During your interview with the professional painters, ask questions to be sure it is a reputable company providing all of the services you wish for a price you are comfortable with.

John Byrne Painting seeks to be a completely transparent painting company in Montgomery County, PA. Call our experts at (484) 801-0105 to get the service you deserve.

Questions to Ask Your Commercial Painters

Commercial painters Montgomery CountyYou should always have a list of questions when hiring a company to perform a service, such as painting. These questions will help inform you of the painting contractor’s trust and legitimacy. Here are a few important questions to ask your commercial painters:

Are Your Employees Properly Protected?
A commercial painting company should have all of the required insurances and worker’s compensation policies to keep their employees protected in case of injury. Painters should also be physically protected when they go on a painting job. Paints and stains can give off heavy fumes, especially in an enclosed area. Painters should come prepared with masks and other methods to protect themselves.

Is Your Company Insured?
Along with worker’s compensation policies, a commercial painter will be insured up to at least $1 million in coverage. The insurance protects the building owner in the event of property damage done by a painter.

What Is Included in the Contract?
Expected services and payment should be explicitly written on a contract that both you, the business owner, and the commercial painter sign and receive a copy of. In addition to a well-established contract, you shouldn’t expect to make a large sum up front. Many businesses require a deposit, which is normal, but if the contractor needs your money to pay off another bill or job, then you might want to look for a more established and professional painting contractor.

Are Your Employees Dependable?
Professional painters should be dependable enough to show up on time, perform consistent and clean work, and leave at an appropriate time. They should be professional at all times, maintaining proper decorum, as well as cleaning up after themselves. Lastly, painters should be dependable enough to protect the floors, ceilings, fixtures, etc., at all times paint is present.

If you’re looking for qualified commercial painters in Montgomery County, PA, call John Byrne Painting at (484) 801-0105. Our painters are trained in all aspects of commercial painting, from hospitals to apartment complexes, interior to exterior. Call us right away for your painting estimate.

Paint Colors to Choose for Your Retail Space

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Painting a retail space can be difficult because you have to account for the various customers that step into your store. Thankfully, there are a few tips, along with your local painting contractors, that can help you choose the right colors for your retail space.

  • Paint your space in your business colors. Customers begin to associate certain colors and logos with a certain business. Your colors help promote and reinforce your company with interior and exterior painting.
  • Look at colors commonly associated with the type of industry you work in. For example, home improvement and hardware stores are often associated with browns, reds, and oranges. Add accents of industry colors throughout your space to highlight your products.
  • Don’t forget the color of your merchandise. If it comes in colored packaging, be mindful of colors that might clash with your paint. Consult your professional painters for the best ways to match your walls with your product.

Whether you are looking for wallpaper removal or local painters near Montgomery County, PA, you know John Byrne Painting is the one to call. We are waiting for your call at (484) 801-0105.

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