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For over 30 years John Byrne Painting has satisfied thousands of customers in all aspects of Commercial and Residential Painting.

The Benefits of Power Washing

A power washer is one of those ultra-flexible tools that have more uses than you’d ever imagine. Power washes are incredibly effective at stripping surfaces of any type of debris you can imagine, including dirt, grease, sap, bird droppings, paint, and mold. Power washing is also incredibly efficient and noticeably faster than scrubbing and scraping by hand. What might be accomplished in a day by hand can be accomplished in minutes with a power washer. Another benefit of power washing is that it doesn’t require the use of harsh chemicals which can be toxic to the environment and your health.

In addition to being the preferred painting company in Montgomery County, PA, John Byrne Painting is also the number one power washing company. Whether you want to re-finish your deck, strip away an old paint job around your home, or make your garage floor look like new, contact JBP to learn more about our residential and commercial power washing services. Call us at (610) 337-3711 to request your free quote.

Reasons to Trust Your Painting Project to the Professionals

Why professional painters montgomery countyAs a savvy business owner, you probably do whatever you can to lower your bottom line—even if that means tackling small improvement projects on your own or enlisting your workforce instead of hiring outside help. While you might think adding a fresh coat of paint to the interior or exterior of your commercial space is one such project, it’s most certainly a job for professional commercial painters in Montgomery County, PA. Here’s a look at some of the top reasons to hire professionals when paint is involved.

Save Time

If you’ve ever painted a single room in your home, you know how long it can take to prep, tape, paint, and cleanup. Now imagine how long it would take yourself to paint your entire commercial property. A team of skilled painters can complete your painting project in a fraction of the time it would take you and your friends, employees, and whoever else you could recruit.

Save Money

How can hiring painters save you money? Because it allows you to focus your time and energy on more important aspect of running your business, notably the ones that make you money. And instead of paying your employees to paint the inside or outside of your business, you can pay them to do the job they were hired to do, and the job that adds real monetary value.

Save Face

The way your property looks can have a big impact on the impression others take away from your business. Commercial painters guarantee a professional paint job that will impress your customers and turn heads, for the right reasons.

If you want your commercial property to look amazing, trust the skilled painters at John Byrne Painting. For over 30 years we have provided the very best interior and exterior painting services for businesses throughout Montgomery County, PA. Call us at (610) 337-3711 to request an estimate on your commercial painting project.

Interior Painting Techniques: Texture

If you want to add a bit of flair and visual interest to a newly painted surface inside your home or business, consider adding texture to the final coat. There are numerous ways a professional painter can create unique and interesting textures. Watch this video to see a painting contractor demonstrate some of the techniques used to create texture on painted surfaces.

For over 30 years the people of Montgomery County, PA have trusted John Byrne Painting for all their residential and commercial painting needs, and you should too. We are committed to being a leader in the painting industry throughout Pennsylvania and South Jersey. No matter what the scale of your residential or commercial painting project is, JBP will deliver excellent results, guaranteed. Contact us online or call us at (610) 337-3711 to learn more about our interior and exterior painting services for homes and businesses.

A Look at Some Industrial Painting Techniques

industrial painting montgomery countyIndustrial structures have special coating and maintenance requirements, which is why you should hire professional painters in Montgomery County, PA for all your industrial painting needs. Whether you need to paint industrial machinery and equipment or the inside of an industrial warehouse or processing facility, professional painters use the most appropriate tools and techniques to ensure the quality of the end result. Speaking of techniques, here’s a look at some of the industrial painting techniques used by professional painters.

Paint Thinning

In some cases, certain types of paints may need to be thinned out before they are applied to industrial surfaces or inside industrial settings. Professional painters know which type of solvent is best for the specific type of paint being used and the particulars of the application. For example, different solvents are required in very hot or very humid industrial environments.

Substrate Preparation

Substrate is a fancy word professional painters use to describe the surface that is to receive paint. One of the most critical elements of a successful paint job, especially for industrial machinery and settings, is proper substrate preparation. Industrial painting contractors will thoroughly clean and prepare the substrate to ensure proper coating adhesion.

Spray Application

One of the biggest differences between residential/commercial painting and industrial painting is the size and scope of the surface(s) that will need to be painted. That’s why most industrial painters use high-powered paint sprayers to ensure a thorough, even coat across the entire substrate. Spray applicators also help professional painters complete the job in a fraction of the time it would take to paint by hand.

John Byrne Painting is the professional painting company in Montgomery County, PA and the surrounding area. Trust our skilled interior and exterior painters for all your painting needs. Visit our website to learn more about our painting services, or call us at (610) 337-3711 to speak with us about your painting project.

Benefits of Our Commercial Painting Services

commercial services montgomery county

Painting services for your commercial space can provide a huge boost for your business and the value of your property. At John Byrne Painting in Montgomery County, here are the ways that our commercial painting services can benefit your business:

Costs effective solutions. We employ the most appropriate techniques for each individual project, our methods are achieved by know-how not by chance, our efficient process reduces cost.

Scheduling. We will work around your scheduled downtime, performing night or evening work to ensure minimum disruption to your operation. For mobile equipment, we can perform the work off site. Our dependable job plans ensure your projects will be delivered on time.

Methods and materials. We help you decide the best methods and materials is only part of our personalized service. The experts at John Byrne Painting work closely with our clients from the planning phase through completion; recommending the latest technology advances in surface preparation, specialized coatings, high pressure water or sand blasting. We provide solutions to your specific requirements, guaranteeing your protective finish will last for years.

For questions, quotes, or to make an appointment, call us today!

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