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The Steps of Removing Wallpaper

the steps of removing wallpaperWallpaper removal requires initial prep work such as covering floors and baseboards with waterproof materials, making cleanup easier. Remove fixtures, switch plates and outlet covers, and move furniture to the room’s center and cover it, if it cannot be removed. Using a company that performs wallpaper removal near Montgomery, PA, saves time and effort.

Initial Removal of Wallpaper

After prepping, you score the old wallpaper with small cuts so liquid can be used to remove the wallpaper and old paste penetrates behind the paper. Some wallpapers, such as metallics, are water-resistant and harder to remove. A special tool for this purpose makes the cuts without damaging the wall behind the paper.

Applying Liquids to Remove Residue

Removing wallpaper requires a liquid such as steam, water, or a commercial remover commercial remover to loosen paper and paste prior to removing it. Wet only the area that you can scrape before the water dries. Once the paper and paste loosens, remove it with a scraper. Using a special removal tool requires a careful touch, since it is easy to damage the wall underneath. Our commercial painters have the expertise to do this job quickly and neatly.

Prepping the Walls

Once you remove all the wallpaper and paste residue from the walls, it is time to inspect the walls and repair gouges, cracks, or blemishes before priming and painting. By using our professional painting services, you can ensure that the finished walls will be free of imperfections and present a smooth surface.

Old wallpaper requires removal before you can apply paint or refinish a room, and having wallpaper removal done by professionals makes sense. Removing wallpaper is a big job that takes much longer when done as a DIY project. John Byrne Painting provides expert removal of wallpaper, repair, and refinishing of wall surfaces to provide a new, fresh look for any room. Call us at (484) 801-0105 for an estimate or to make an appointment.

Preparing Plaster Walls for Painting

Older buildings frequently have plaster walls that are treated differently than drywall in preparation for painting. Knowing how to prepare plaster walls allows you to apply a finish that sticks well to the plaster. When you use experienced professionals who do renovations in Montgomery County, PA, you’ll ensure that your walls look satiny smooth and without blemish.

This video shows how to paint plaster walls and the special requirements for Venetian plaster that has been treated with a petroleum-based wax. If you have plaster walls that need repainting, the clip demonstrates how to use a tinted primer before painting and how to remove petroleum-based wax to prepare a wall for a new coat of paint during renovations.

Besides offering services such as painting and wallpaper removal, John Byrne Painting offers 30 years of experience in complete plaster and drywall repairs, professional painting, and other services. If you are looking for a smooth plaster finish on walls and ceilings, call (484) 801-0105 for a free estimate.

Spotlight on Deck Repair

spotlight on deck repair montgomery county

Decks are a wonderful source of enjoyment for family and friends but require repair and maintenance at times to retain their beauty and functionality. Our home improvement professionals make deck repairs in Montgomery County, PA, and they can stain or paint your deck to look like new. Rainy weather and sun naturally affect the finish on a deck over time, and eventually it will need deck repair in order to return it to its original look. Regular maintenance, including restaining and varnishing or painting, can help to make your deck last for years, providing you with an attractive place to relax with your family.

When you are in need of home improvement professionals to restore and maintain your deck, contact John Byrne Painting. Our professionals have more than 30 years of expertise, so we’ll get the job done right the first time. Call (484) 801-0105 for an estimate on restoring your deck to its original beauty so that you can count on years of future enjoyment.

Choosing Paint for Your Retail Space

choosing paint for your retail space Choosing the right color for interior and exterior surfaces is important when designing or updating a commercial establishment. Professional painters know that color choice sends a message about your business and sets the mood for customers and staff. Professional application of paint and decoration works as one part of your consumer strategy to draw existing and future clients. By using professional commercial painters in Montgomery County, PA, you can draw on years of expertise to find the right business painting solution.

Painting Options

Techniques and paints differ depending on the building and client preference. From monochromatic color to faux techniques such as stone finishes or textured surfaces, you can create the type of mood you desire by using our professional painters. For exterior colors, some are more fade-resistant than others and may influence your decision when choosing. Personal consultation with our experts can help create the perfect look for your business.

Paint Types

Choosing the type of paint to apply depends on factors such as the type of surface, previous paint applied, and the look you want to create. For instance, higher quality paint resists fading and chalking better than lower quality paint. A painting contractor skilled in paint uses and application can help you choose the best type for good looks and durability.

Painting Application

Commercial buildings are frequently much larger than residential dwellings. Spray painting may be a good option since it can be completed in a short amount of time. Correct application to accomplish the job quickly and neatly requires the expertise of commercial painters. Scheduling the job at night or other convenient times for interior painting makes quick work of the job without interfering with the normal schedule.

After 30 years in business, John Byrne Painting has the experience and skill to provide the look you want to showcase your building or business in Montgomery County. For an estimate, call (484) 801-0105 and set up an appointment with our trained professionals.

The Benefits of Power Washing

A power washer is one of those ultra-flexible tools that have more uses than you’d ever imagine. Power washes are incredibly effective at stripping surfaces of any type of debris you can imagine, including dirt, grease, sap, bird droppings, paint, and mold. Power washing is also incredibly efficient and noticeably faster than scrubbing and scraping by hand. What might be accomplished in a day by hand can be accomplished in minutes with a power washer. Another benefit of power washing is that it doesn’t require the use of harsh chemicals which can be toxic to the environment and your health.

In addition to being the preferred painting company in Montgomery County, PA, John Byrne Painting is also the number one power washing company. Whether you want to re-finish your deck, strip away an old paint job around your home, or make your garage floor look like new, contact JBP to learn more about our residential and commercial power washing services. Call us at (610) 337-3711 to request your free quote.

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