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What You Need to Know About Interior Painting

Choosing interior paint montgomery countyIf you are seeking a great way to enhance the appeal of your commercial or retail space, you may want to consider hiring a painting contractor near Montgomery County, PA. Commercial painters can completely refresh and update your spaces with wall painting services. When it comes to interior painting, the sky is the limit for choosing colors, patterns, and other eye-catching office design themes. Here is a look at what you need to know about hiring painters for an interior painting project.

Select the Appropriate Color

When you are planning an interior painting project for your commercial property, it is essential to select a paint color that reflects the personality and goals of your business. For example, if you are seeking a serene and calming atmosphere for your employees, you may want to choose a cool shade of blue or green. Warm colors, such as orange or yellow, many energize your workers and encourage productivity.

Consider Paint Types

As you are working with your painting contractor to select paint, you will need to choose the right paint type for the look and feel of your building. For example, matte paint will provide a neutral and professional appearance to your walls. If you are seeking an eye-catching look to your walls, you may want to consider using eggshell paint.

Plan Ahead

After you have selected your paint color and style, you will need to plan ahead for your interior painting services. Since interior painting can take a day or more to compete, you may want to schedule your painting services for a weekend time when your employees will not be in the office.

To set up an appointment for interior painting in Montgomery County, be sure to get in touch with John Byrne Painters. We proudly provide the Philadelphia area with a complete range of top rated painting services, and we will help you transform your commercial space. Give us a call at (610) 337-3711 to schedule an appointment today.

Reasons to Plan a Painting Project

Summer home painting Montgomery County

With the summer season nearly here, now is a terrific time to schedule painting serving Montgomery County, PA. There are many reasons why now is the right time to schedule services with your local painting contractor. Over the winter and spring months, chances are that the exterior paint of your building has experienced extra wear and tear. With services from professional painters, you can remove any damage that has occurred due to harsh weather conditions. Along with removing damage, painting is also a terrific way to improve the curb appeal of your property. Finally, a fresh coat of paint will also increase the value of your home or business.

If you are ready to schedule painting near Philadelphia, be sure to contact John Byrne Painting. We will be thrilled to provide you with a painting estimate, and our painters will complete your job to perfection. Call our painting company at (610) 337-3711 to receive an estimate for your project today.

A Look at the Steps of Deck Refinishing

Deck repair Montgomery CountyWhen you are planning home improvement projects for the summer months, you may want to talk to your painting contractor about cosmetic improvements that you can make to the exterior of your home. A company offering power washing in Montgomery County, PA, can help you refresh your deck or patio and create an appealing outdoor living space. Here is a look at some of the steps that you can expect when you hire painters to refinish your deck.

Make Minor Repairs

Before your power washers come to clean and refinish your deck, you may want to take the time to perform any minor repairs that your deck may need to return to terrific shape. For example, you can inspect your deck surface for any loose nails, holes, or other minor cosmetic issues. By making these smaller repairs, you can ensure that you will get the most out of your refinishing service.

Power Wash the Deck

After the deck has been repaired, you will be ready for your professional power washers to clean the surface of your deck. Your power washing technicians will use specialized equipment to completely clean your deck and strip away any moss or impurities.

Apply a Refinishing Product

The final step of deck refinishing is to apply a refinishing product to the surface of the wood. After your deck has been powerwashed by a technician, you will be ready to apply the first coat of stain. When you are selecting a stain for your deck, be sure to choose a product that is resistant to the weather.

For more information about how you can schedule deck repair this summer, be sure to contact John Byrne Painting. Along with our highly rated commercial painting services, we also offer a range of home improvement services that will enhance your residential property. Give our Philadelphia location a call at (610) 337-3711 to schedule an appointment today.

Use This App to Choose a Paint Color!

Choosing paint color app Montgomery County

When you are planning a painting project for your commercial space, it is highly important to select the best color for your business. A painting contractor near Montgomery County, PA, can provide you with valuable information about which colors may look best in your space. To get an idea of which paint color will be the best fit, you may want to download Paint Tester Pro. This app allows you to view each color as it would look on your walls. To explore the features of this app, be sure to download it from the iTunes store.

For help with your painting project this summer, be sure to trust the highly experienced commercial painters at John Byrne. Our painters will work with you to provide your interior spaces with a beautiful new look and feel. To hire our highly rated painting company in Philadelphia, call us at (610) 337-3711.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Brush Up Your Curb Appeal With Exterior Paint

A fast and simple boost in curb appeal and property value could be as close as a paintbrush. Exterior painting can completely change the look of your home in a few steps, giving you the maximum bang for your home improvement dollar. Exterior paint is about more than your home’s appearance, though. A good paint job protects your home from the elements, including extreme temperatures and moisture. Find out more about the benefits of exterior painting and the painting process in this infographic from John Byrne Painting . Our residential and commercial painters will prepare your house for painting and give your home a fresh look with the paint color of your choosing. We can also perform interior painting and wallpaper removal so your interior looks as good as the exterior. Contact us when you need professional painters near Philadelphia, PA, and consider sharing this information with other homeowners so they can also reap the benefits of exterior painting.

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