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    Tips for Choosing Paint Colors

    Last updated 1 day 23 hours ago

    According to the Color Marketing Group, a professional organization of color designs based in Alexandria, Va., color can account for up to 85 percent of the reason people buy one product over another. Colors can also create different emotions that can influence customer behavior. If you’re looking for ways to increase your bottom line, you might want to start by looking at the colors inside your building. Here are some tips for choosing the best paint colors for your store.

    Learn How Store Colors Affect Shoppers
    As you start to think about store colors, do a bit of research and learn about how store colors affect shoppers. For example, orange makes customers feel happy, and that feeling will entice them to stay longer in your store. Bright colors like yellow and red grab customers’ attention so you can alert shoppers to certain products.

    Use Color to Build Brand Recognition
    According to a 2007 study by psychology and management researches at the University of Loyola, colors can increase brand recognition by 80 percent. Find a work to work your logo colors into your retail color design to help customers associate those colors with your company.

    Hire a Professional Commercial Painting Company
    When you’ve come up with the perfect color pallet for your store, make sure to hire a professional painting company to apply the paint to your walls. And if you are having trouble picking the right paint colors, a commercial painting company can provide you with suggestions and even examples of what has worked for other businesses like yours.

    For help picking out the best paint colors for your store, contact John Byrne Painting. For over 30 years, John Byrne Painting has satisfied thousands of commercial clients. As one of leading commercial painting companies in the Tri-State area, we can help you use color to your advantage. To learn more about our commercial painting services, call us today at (484) 801-0105.

    Deciding When to Use an Epoxy Floor Coating

    Last updated 6 days ago

    Although epoxy floor coating is more expensive than other concrete overlays, it is a seamless and durable coating that is resistant to moisture, chemicals, and heavy foot traffic. Because of its durability and performance, epoxy floor coating is ideal for automotive showrooms, garages, commercial kitchens, and cafeterias. Watch this short video from the Concrete Network to learn more about the benefits of using an epoxy floor coating.

    If you want to use an epoxy floor coating, contact John Byrne Painting. In addition to our commercial painting services, we specialize in epoxy floor coating installations. Visit our website to learn more about our commercial painting and flooring services, or call us at (484) 801-0105 to schedule a consultation. 

    A Look at the Great Services You Can Expect from John Byrne Painting

    Last updated 10 days ago

    John Byrne Painting offers highly rated painting services to businesses in the Tri State area. Many of our customers choose our painting services, time and time again. When you hire John Byrne Painting for your next project, you can expect great preparation and high quality workmanship. To learn more about the great services that you can expect from John Byrne Painting, watch this video clip.

    John Byrne Painting is thrilled to provide PA and the entire Tri State Area with highly rated painting services. Our trained workers will ensure that your needs are completely satisfied when you choose our painting company. To schedule a consultation for your next painting project, give our Philadelphia location a call at (484) 801-0105. 

    Spotting the Signs of Water Damage

    Last updated 15 days ago

    Water damage can pose a serious threat to your commercial building. Unfortunately, the signs of water damage can be difficult to spot before serious structural problems have occurred. By waterproofing your building, you can help to prevent the problems associated with water damage. To help you identify when your building is in need of waterproofing services, here is a look at the signs of water damage.

    Water Stains
    Water stains are a clear indicator of water damage in a building. Water stains may appear as dark or discolored areas along the ceiling, walls, or floor. If your building has a slow leak, these stains may grow slowly over time. At the first sign of water stains, you should contact a professional waterproofing company.

    Soggy or Buckling Areas
    Water damage can cause areas of your building to buckle or become soggy. As water is absorbed into a wooden or drywall surface, the structural integrity of the material will be severely compromised. You may notice that your flooring buckles when you are walking. If your building has a slowly occurring leak, these areas may become worse and worse over an extended period of time.

    Dripping Sounds
    In the event of water damage in your building, you may hear dripping sounds coming from the walls or ceiling. These sounds may be difficult to hear in loud industrial spaces. If you suspect that your building is suffering from a hidden water leak or flooding problem, it is a good idea to contact a professional waterproofing company right away.

    For help with your waterproofing needs, contact John Byrne Painting of PA. We proudly serve the PA and Tri State areas commercial painting, waterproofing, and abrasive blasting services. When you work with our painting company, you are sure to be satisfied with your experience. To set up a consultation with our technicians, call (484) 801-0105.

    All About John Byrne Painting

    Last updated 21 days ago

    For nearly fifty years, John Byrne Painting has been serving the PA area with a complete range of top quality painting services. The professionals at John Byrne Painting pride themselves in offering the best quality painting services for both commercial and residential customers. When you choose John Byrne Painting, your home or building will be serviced using the most innovative painting equipment that is available on the market. To assist you through each step of your painting project, John Byrne Painting also relies on a team of Project Managers, superintendents, and painters. The staff at John Byrne Painting will ensure that your painting project exceeds your every expectation. 

    To set up a consultation with the painters at John Byrne Painting, give us a call at (484) 801-0105. We are pleased to offer a variety of painting services to our customers in the Main Line and Tri State areas. Our painters look forward to assisting you with your upcoming commercial painting project

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